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SNMP Mailq datacollection - snmp ok, but no .jrb files

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I'm actually going to answer my own question, but I've spent so many hours trying to figure this out I need to post it somewhere visible in case someone else has the same issue.

The situation:  Trying to graph net-snmp extension based mailq data for the 4 queues (incoming, active, deferred, hold). Referencing the following old tutorials:



I was troubleshooting according to this:


at the very bottom of the file after all the preceding checks were complete it says "One of the more perplexing problems is when the getAttributeTypes search indicates that the OID has been matched to the machine, but no data files are appearing in OPENNMS_HOME/share/rrd/snmp/<node>. FIXME"

Kind of a dead end.  Anyway, I found that the fix was to use the 'integer' datatype instead of the 'octetstring' datatype  in the netsnmp.xml file .  As soon as I changed this and restarted opennms the .jrb and .meta files were created and data started being stored and graphed and life was awesome again. 

More specifically, instead of this:

  <group name="mailq-stats" ifType="ignore">
       <mibObj oid="."
          instance="1" alias="incoming" type="octetstring" />
       <mibObj oid="." 
          instance="2" alias="active" type="octetstring" />
       <mibObj oid="." 
          instance="3" alias="deferred" type="octetstring" />
       <mibObj oid="."
          instance="4" alias="hold" type="octetstring" />
I did this:
  <group name="mailq-stats" ifType="ignore">
       <mibObj oid="."
          instance="1" alias="incoming" type="integer" />
       <mibObj oid="." 
          instance="2" alias="active" type="integer" />
       <mibObj oid="." 
          instance="3" alias="deferred" type="integer" />
       <mibObj oid="."
          instance="4" alias="hold" type="integer" />


OpenNMS version
Operating system
Ubuntu 16.04.1 Server
asked Aug 11, 2016 by TraceElements (170 points)
Yes thank you for sharing. I too wasted a ton of time looking for a solution due to the poor documentation.

This indeed got the proper .jrb and .meta files to get created.  And after some time the Resource Graph appeared as well.

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Thank you for sharing!
answered Aug 11, 2016 by indigo (11,140 points)
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Hello friend. I was having the same problem but have made many changes and now I can not make it work. Now I can not monitor and I can not plot; I'm using the same principle of "extend" in net-snmp to run a script that gives me the users who are using OpenVPN ... Could you please publish all the configuration files to review what changes are to be made ?
answered Oct 24, 2016 by IanMalo (190 points)