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Custom Resource Graph is not working, no *.jrb files created [closed]

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I have an Fortinet FortiMail appliance need to be monitor by OpenNMS, I need to generate the graph of CPU/RAM/Session Usage.

And I find that there is no pre-defined MIB and Graph templates I can use to collect the info of FortiMail Appliance, so I get the  specific mib from Fortinet and upload it and dependents mibs to OpenNMS via the Console, and generate events, add colletion and system-def.

Everything is ok, and then I created a report file in snmp-graph.properties.d folder, the name is the same as the collection and system-def group name like xxxxxx-graph.properties.

The content of this file is come from the pre-defined fortinet-fortigate-system-v5.2-graph.properties, and I haved modified it to apply to FortiMail appliance.

Till now, the work of custom graph has been done, but no custom graphs appeared in the FortiMail appliance node's graph resource. And I have checked the RRD folder, no custom graph jrb file created, only port and tcp data files.

Anyone can help me to deal with this issues? Is there something wrong with the method of custom graph? How to debug this issue?

I have enabled debugging in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/log4j2.xml, by changing the level of collectd to DEBUG, but the output level of collectd log is always WARN, I don't know why, the OpenNMS has been restarted, but nothing has changed.


Data Collection Configuration How-To:

SNMP Reports How-To

Troubleshooting SNMP Collection

OpenNMS version
Java version
1.8.0_60 (Oracle Corporation)
Operating system
CentOS 7
PostgreSQL version
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asked Jul 25, 2016 by xredumb (150 points)
closed Jul 28, 2016 by xredumb
I have upgraded the OpenNMS to the latest version 18.0.1, and the issue of debug log has been resolved.

And then I find the key point of custom graph not working through the debug log.

There is something "wrong" with the System OID/MASK of FrotiMail System Definition, Use a large mask of system oid is ok.

The issue is relate to the sysObjectID of FortiMail Appliance, FortiMail use the root MIB OID as it sysObjectID, not a sub-oid.
Which Fortinet firmware version do you use?
Which System OID do you now use?

My FortiMail (5.2) doesn't provide CPU informations eg.
My FortiMail firmware version is v5.3.1
The System OID/MASK  I use in System Definition is .
the fmSysCpuUsage oid is .
in my opinion this value is identical in all version of FortiMail MIB.
You can use snmpwalk tools to check the if you can get the info of  CPU Usage, like this:
snmpwalk -v2c -c public .

the output:

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.12356. = Gauge32: 0