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Why are we not getting hardware information from Cisco routers

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Using this with no return results:

<hw-extension name="CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB" sysOidMask=".">

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetOEMString" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetSerialNumber" replace="entPhysicalSerialNum" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetOrderablePartNumber" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetHardwareRevision" replace="entPhysicalHardwareRev" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetMfgAssyNumber" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetMfgAssyRevision" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetFirmwareID" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetFirmwareRevision" replace="entPhysicalFirmwareRev" />

  <mibObj oid="."  type="string" alias="ceAssetSoftwareID" />

  <mibObj oid="." type="string" alias="ceAssetSoftwareRevision" replace="entPhysicalSoftwareRev" />

  <mibObj oid="." type="string" alias="ceAssetCLEI" />

  <mibObj oid="." type="string" alias="ceAssetAlias" />



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asked Mar 24, 2016 by KurandaSystems (150 points)

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A 2800 Series Router might experience a router hang. A hang is when the router boots to a certain point and then no longer accepts any commands or keystrokes. In other words, the console screen hangs after a certain point. Hangs are not necessarily hardware issues and most of the time, they are a software issue. When the router reboots, it returns to a normal state. A normal state means that the router is functional, passes traffic, and you are able to gain access to the router. Issue the show version command and look at the output in order to check why the router rebooted. This is an example:

Router#show version

Router uptime is 20 weeks, 5 days, 33 minutes

System returned to ROM by power-on

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answered May 13, 2016 by ShirleyMitchell (170 points)