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Unable to provision new device

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Brand new installation and when I try to synchronise the new provision request I get an error "cannot synchronise the request"
OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
WIndows 10
PostgreSQL version
asked Dec 15, 2015 by mtwootton (150 points)
I've just downloaded all the latest stable versions and I'm try to run it on Windows 7 and have the same problem. I've checked in the web.log logfile and I see this:

WARN  [Requisition-Accessor-Thread] o.o.n.p.p.RequisitionFileUtils: Trying to create snapshot for file:/C:/Program%20Files/OpenNMS/etc/imports/pending/Miller-School.xml, but /C:/Program%20Files/OpenNMS/etc/imports/pending/Miller-School.xml does not exist.

Now, that file DOES exist, but I'm thinking that perhaps this is a porting issue with file names and the leading "/" is causing trouble. They did say that the Windows port was a bit rough...

I don't know how hard this would be to fix but I suspect not simple... It's a shame because this is a super tool and the price is right. I may have to consider going to a Linux machine instead but that's going to make supporting it hard (I'm pretty much the only person here with any Linux experience, and I'm no expert).

Can anyone out there help us?


*************** UPDATE THE FOLLOWING DAY ***************************

I wiped out Windows, installed Ubuntu server and set up OpenNMS. SAME THING! But... then I discovered that spaces in the name of the provisioning requisition cause it to fail. So perhaps the issue is "Program Files". Not sure how you'd get around it if that's true though...
I finally got mine working by installing OPENNMS in the c:\apps directory.

I'm guessing that there's permissions issues with the program files directory that I'm not interested in sorting out.

I did the same for Windows Server 2012R2 and it's working fine now as well.

I did have to use the latest version as the ver 16 had similar issue.


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