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How to enable LDAP monitoring on webpage?

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On the webpage, I get LDAP not being monitored.  Can someone help me in enabling and configuring this option?


OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
CentOS 7
PostgreSQL version
asked Jul 6, 2015 by hrafiquzzaman (180 points)

2 Answers

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Have you followed this configuration example? http://docs.opennms.org/opennms/releases/16.0.2/guide-admin/guide-admin.html#poller-ldap-monitor

If this is not clear can you please provide more information what your goal is and how your current configuration in poller-configuration.xml looks like?

answered Jul 6, 2015 by indigo (11,140 points)
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several techniques to monitor an LDAP server

LDAP has become the Internet standard directory access protocol, and is used to access everything from DNS zone files to user account information. As companies and software vendors rely more heavily on LDAP directory servers, the need to measure server throughput and performance becomes imperative. This article will cover several tools that can be used to monitor the health and performance of an LDAP directory server, and will explain how ORCA can be used to trend directory server performance over time.

The OpenLDAP server can be configured to provide real time performance statistics through the monitor branch. The currently available statistics include: bytes sent, entries returned to clients, total connections to the server, current active connections, read and write waiters, and individual operation (e.g., read, search, modify) breakdowns. The following example shows the slapd.conf directives required to setup the monitor branch, and limit read access to IP address

database                   monitor

access to dn="cn=monitor"
        by peername=   read
        by * none

Once the monitor branch is configured, we can view all of the available statistics with the "ldapsearch" utility:

$ ldapsearch -x -b "cn=monitor" -H ldaps://ldap.prefetch.net objectclass=*

We can also retrieve individual statistics by adjusting the search base:

$ ldapsearch -LLL -x -b "cn=Current,cn=Connections,cn=Monitor" -H ldaps://ldap.prefetch.net objectclass=*
dn: cn=Current,cn=Connections,cn=Monitor
objectClass: top
objectClass: monitor
objectClass: extensibleObject
cn: Current

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answered Oct 4, 2015 by donaldselby (170 points)
Hi Donald,

thanks for the detailed explanation. Do you have an idea if these realtime metrics are available as an SNMP extension for OpenLDAP?