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Migrate db to from old server to new server.

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Hello OpenNMS Community:


How do I migrate the postgresql database from our existing OpenNMS server to a new one?  What will get migrated over?  Will all things being monitored get migrated over?  How about user accounts?  Anyone’s help will be greatly appreciated.


We created a new OpenNMS app with the latest and greatest as a fresh install.



OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
Centos 7
PostgreSQL version
asked Jul 6, 2015 by hrafiquzzaman (180 points)

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I would recommend a backup and restore procedure described here: http://www.opennms.org/wiki/Backup_and_Restore. If you upgrade to a newer version of OpenNMS make sure you run the $OPENNMS_HOME/bin/install -dis command to update your database schema.
answered Jul 6, 2015 by indigo (11,640 points)