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How to define custom graphs using multiply indexed tables

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For my project, i use OpenNMS to calculate  KPI expression from multiply indexed tables from my custom MIBs.
My issue consist in how to extract some jrobin files from multiply indexed tables.
I mean that when i generated data collection from my custom MIBs i received four jrb files collected in multipes groupes which had the form (x.y.z.w)  as that in the directory $OpenNMS/share/rrd/snmp/nodeid/xxxxTableEntry/
In my case any groupe (x.y.z.w) is consituted by four jrb files and under the xxxxTableEntry i can have multiple other groupes that can be generated automatically according to my configuration applied into my managed devices. x, y, z, and w can have several values!

I want to know how can i for example extract some jrb files from specific groupes which have the index x.3.y.6.automatically and to define all these jrb files in custom  graphes.

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

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asked May 23, 2015 by shiraz (240 points)
edited May 26, 2015 by shiraz

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