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Performance - Get node counter through a manager

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In my project, I collect performance counter (metrics) of multiple nodes from a manager.

Is it possible in OpenNMS to re-affect these counters to the correct node instead having them visible under the manager node from which we get the information?

I have seen (and tested) that it is possible to get the data from the manager and then copy/paste the rrd data generated based on the collected data on the manager under a rrd directory corresponding to the real node from which the counter come from (a symbolinc link should work also). Following this copy past, I am able to visualize graph based on these counter on this node.

Is there any other method to reaffect counter from a manager to its real node?


Thanks in advance
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asked Jan 13, 2015 by Sylvestre (380 points)

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Until we move to another data store (see NewTS project), sym links are the only way I've seen something like that done.

If it is possible, I would work toward collecting the counters natively from the OpenNMS server.
answered Jan 13, 2015 by Ken Eshelby (2,280 points)
selected Jan 15, 2015 by indigo