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How could I show HTML Text in fields of "Asset-Info" ?

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I´d like to show HTML Text like links, bold / colored text etc. in fields ob the asset-Info. I enabled follwing line in my opennms.properties

# This example would allow HTML markup in the Comments and Description fields.
opennms.assets.allowHtmlFields = comments, description

but nothing happened. Still no html.

Any ideas?

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asked Jan 3, 2014 by Pennywise (540 points)
What way are you using to get the asset values set?
Are you using a requisition?
Are you using the webui-editor for the assets?

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I just tested a requisition like the following one, created in the manage-requisition-ui:

<requisitions xmlns="http://xmlns.opennms.org/xsd/config/model-import" count="1">
<model-import date-stamp="2014-02-17T12:09:48.080+01:00" foreign-source="Test" last-import="2014-02-17T12:30:34.906+01:00">
<node building="Test" foreign-id="1392635958942" node-label="New Node">
<asset name="comment" value="<b>Comment</b> <i>Comment</i> Comment"/>
<asset name="description" value="<b>Test</b> <i>Test</i> Test"/>
I also set in opennms.properties:
opennms.opennms.assets.allowHtmlFields = comments, description
I'm not sure if it's required, by I restarted OpenNMS.
With this setup I'll get markuped Test-Date at the top-box of the node-page.
answered Feb 17, 2014 by DerTak (5,420 points)
Hi Markus!

I used the WebUI-Editor (no requisition).
The field description now works fine, but comments doesn´t work

When I use follwing code:

<h1>Bold text</h1>

the codes changes to:

&lt;h1&gt;Bold text&lt;/h1&gt;

after saving.
Hey Thorben,

that behavior is a bug then...
please open an issue for that.