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Is Adobe Air client still working?

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the Adobe air client in


seems to be not working with the latest Air (

is there anyone using it ?
OpenNMS version
asked Dec 16, 2014 by caminac (700 points)
edited Jan 9, 2015 by indigo
Last update 2010... http://opennms.org/wiki/Adobe_AIR_based_Desktop_Client

You should ask the mailing list too: http://opennms.org/wiki/Mailing_lists
If you find out if it works, feel free to update the wiki page.

1 Answer

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The latest version to show issues on Desktop is the OpenNMS Chrome plugin:


This is recently developed and maintained. I don't think the Air Client is currently maintained.
answered Jan 9, 2015 by indigo (11,680 points)