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How to provide surveillance categories with XLS and PRIS?

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Is it possible to provide a 'Surveillance Categories' in the Excel-sheet of PRIS ?

I see it is possible to use asset_categortory in the Excelsheet.


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asked Dec 12, 2014 by Fred Ebben (290 points)
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Yes it is. possible.

See here (prefix cat_): http://www.opennms.eu/docs/opennms-pris/1.1.0/#xls-source
answered Dec 14, 2014 by mfuhrmann (7,350 points)
selected Jan 9, 2015 by indigo
Thanks Marcel.
Which cat_ values are there?
I tried serveral names, like: cat_node, cat_onnode,cat_categories, cat_id.
When I do a manual add of 'surveillance categories' I see with a REST url:
-<categories id="18" name="Ontwikkeling/test/acceptatie">

Pris excel example:

column name: cat_dns
cell content: DNS

For all your DNS servers write DNS into the column cat_dns and Pris will set this surveillance category onto the node.

See here:
Thanks. Now I use column name:Cat_Surveillance with cell content:Aaaa,Bbbb,Cccc and this works.
I'm happy to hear that. Please mark your thread as answered. Thanks.