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OpenNMS "Graph All" limit?

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before I open the ticket I will ask here. Perhaps it's setting somewhere, not bug.

Is there any configurable limit how many resource graphs can be displayed together?

Works OK on node with up to approx. 60 graphs. But when there is more, I get blank page (no error) after clicking graph all.

This is related to other issue, that it's not possilbe to select whole section at once, so eg. if I want to display graphs for 40 interfaces (SNMP Interface Data) to compare the traffic and have 40 other graphs (Response Time), I have to click 40 times to select the graphs since graph all doesn't work and it's not possilbe to select whole "SNMP Interface Data" section at once.

The same issue was in 1.12.x. But af far as I remember there was no problem with graph all on 1.10.x (not 100% sure).

OpenNMS version
Java version
Oracle jdk-1.7.0_71-fcs.x86_64
Operating system
Centos 6.6 x64
PostgreSQL version
asked Nov 10, 2014 by ondrej (380 points)
One more comment: Since 1.12  rrd file name contains MAC address of interface. This significantly increases URL length and decreases amount of graphs, which can be displayed by "graph all" button on network device.

This explains why it was possible to load more graphs on 1.10.

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If you try to get all graphs from a very large system you will probably reach with all graphs and parameters the limit of the URL length limit of the Jetty webserver. It could make sense to create a KSC report with a set of graphs you're interested in, instead of browsing through all graphs.

In hope it helps
answered Nov 10, 2014 by indigo (11,140 points)
selected Dec 1, 2014 by DerTak
Thanks, good to know there is some URL length limit.

Anyway, possibility of selecting whole section at once would be nice.
KSC report is not "so dynamic" to work with, so I rather manually crop/edit the "graph all" URL.