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Bad conversion of OctectString

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I am having problems "reconverting" the octet string (from strings.properties) to a human readable string.

I am using the org.snmp4j.smi.OctetString but the conversion is not being well made.

For example I have the ifphysadd( collected in the strings.properties with the value: 0\uFFFD\uFFFDI\u0580

this should be the value:30:e4:db:49:d6:80

but it is converted to: 30:ef:bf:bd:ef:bf:bd:d6:80

I am just passing the string to the octetstring class and calling the toString() method.

I am doing something wrong?


OpenNMS version
Java version
oracle 1.7
Operating system
red hat
PostgreSQL version
asked Oct 1, 2014 by Russo (570 points)

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