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Disable notification

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Hi there,

I have a couple of test machines and I would like not to recieve notifications when something goes wrong with the machine. I have tried editing the notifications.xml as follows:

<notification name=”Testnodes” status=”off” writeable=”yes”>


   <rule>(catincTest) </rule>


  <text-message> ……………..</text-message>

  <subject>Test node down</subject>



And once it has appeared inton the OpenNMS WebUI I have disabled it, but unfortunatelly did not work as I am still recieving email alerts regarding these machine.

I hope someone will be able to make me understand what I am doing wrong.


Thank you.
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asked Sep 13, 2014 by Sergiu (190 points)
Do you have other notifications? Are you sure OpenNMS sends the notification "Testnodes"? Maybe it's a other notification...
Yes I do have another notifications, but in the end I have sorted out the problem. It was to do with adding the respective category (catincTest) to the notifications. Thank you for your help.

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Add to your notifications an additional filter that excludes nodes that are in a certain category.
Add the category to your test nodes. That should not change the behavior for your normal nodes.
But the nodes with the notification-ignore category would be silenced.
answered Sep 16, 2014 by DerTak (5,420 points)
selected Sep 23, 2014 by Sergiu
Thank you for your answer. Thats what I have done and it works. Much appreciated.
Does this mean, if I want to turn off notifications for specific events for specific hosts, I have to edit every notification event and add the rule to exclude the category?  That seems like a lot of work if we have a lot of event notifications?
I personally prefer the following approach. I create a category for notification types and send only notifications for nodes in this category and use a catinc filter in all notifications. This way I have more control about which nodes send notifications to my on-call team. You can also use a SMS or just Mail notification category to tag more or less critical nodes. Hope this helps.