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Is VMware feature able to do storage monitoring?

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My VMware servers use some storages. vCenter is able to show problems occuring on these storages. Is there a solution to get this information into OpenNMS?
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asked Oct 31, 2013 by mfuhrmann (7,350 points)

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What kind of problem do you see on vCenter? Can you provide more detailed information about it? Maybe there is a possibility to get a specific status for storage from vCenter.

We collect performance metrics from vCenter which includes also storage metrics. The metrics we have refactored graphs right now is documented here:  http://issues.opennms.org/browse/NMS-6134 . The interpretation of the metrics are documented here: https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-51/index.jsp#com.vmware.wssdk.apiref.doc/vim.PerformanceManager.html .
answered Nov 2, 2013 by indigo (11,640 points)
edited Nov 2, 2013 by indigo
Now I'm confused... I never had this case *knocking on wood*, but I thought vCenter can do this. For example harddisk error, raid decreased etc.