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Standard OIDs being collected only by a specific group

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I am trying to configure a VPN data collection. The OIDs I am trying to collect are not vendor specific. I used the the GUI to get the new MIBs files and configure the groups without any problem. However I am thinking about the performance, for example:

I configured the systemDef  like this:

  <systemDef name="Enterprise_VPN">
However not all the devices in the network have VPNs configured.
I know it is possible to restrict the polling by vendor but is it possible to restrict it by devices that have VPNs configure?
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linux red hat
asked Jun 12, 2014 by Russo (570 points)
edited Jun 12, 2014 by Russo
Can you give us some feedback? Did indigos answer help you?
Well, yes it helped somehow. But my case is more specific, since I donĀ“t have the total control of what devices have each services.

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Here is an idea how to do it. You can create a special collectd package which has a dedicatd snmp-collection. The collectd package can filter by IP or categories, nodelables in the <filter>. By default all devices (include-range="" until "254..." are mapped to a default snmp collection which contains everything. You can move your enterprise VPN to a different snmp collection and map these to a collectd package filtered to just a subset of nodes. In hope it helps, the image below should give you an idea how both configuration files are tied together.

the collection value="default" points to the snmp-collection with the same name="default" you can create another in the picture below just for the both nodes with the interface and which has the collection with the name="enterprise-vpn" which collects the OIDs defined in "vpn-oid".

answered Jun 12, 2014 by indigo (11,140 points)
Thanks for the suggestion. I thought I could do something more dynamic. Nevertheless it is a way to do it.