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folder with IP instead of ID

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Is there a way to manipulate the output of the snmp-data to be with the IP instead of the node ID? I know that manipulating the datacollection-config.xml file it is possible to manage the folders after the node, but before I couldn´t do it
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oracle 7
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linux red hat
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asked May 28, 2014 by Russo (570 points)

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You have two possibities storing data from Collectd:

  • default is $OPENNMS_HOME/share/rrd/snmp/${nodeid}
  • storeByForeignSource $OPENNMS_HOME/share/rrd/snmp/fs/${foreign-source}/${foreign-id}

the behavior is configured in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/opennms.properties. To use storeByForeignSource set org.opennms.rrd.storeByForeignSource=true.

Using Provisiond you are free to choose the Foreign-ID, you have to make sure it is unique in the Foreign-Source.

Hope it helps.

answered May 28, 2014 by indigo (11,140 points)
I tried to use this method, but I didn´t understood how to choose the Foreign-ID.
Maybe that is my problem.
I´ll give it another try.
Many Thanks :)
Here is a screenshot which shows what the ForeignSource and what the Foreign-ID is: http://picpaste.com/pics/Screen_Shot_2014-05-28_at_17.27.44-IdVxTe3m.1401291151.png

Screenshot is deleted on: 04.06.14 17:32
I don´t I quite understood. With this configuration you will need to know  the IPs before you start collecting the data? Is that it?
If that is the case this is not the solution for me  :(.
I would wanted to do a discovery of the network and grab the data and put it by the IPs.
For example:
node ID=1 IP=
node ID=2 IP =
instead of the output being :
I would wanted:

So I don´t think the method you suggested is what I wanted.

Thanks very much for you help.