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How can i get bigger graphs?

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I was wondering I can I get bigger graphs. Ronny once showed my, but I forgot what to change :). What I mean specifically is how can I get a wider shown area for graphs on the "Resource Graphs" part? I want them with a bigger size (for people having "vision problem" like me :))

My idea was to double the numbers for datacollection-config.xml (like here below):

<rrd step="300">

but this didn't work as I expected. (graphs still remain small).
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asked May 19, 2014 by Alessandro (1,120 points)
Really good question! I think, Ronny showed me this trick too... Unfortunately I forgot it :-)

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I've persisted it in my outsourced memory ;)

answered May 19, 2014 by indigo (11,480 points)
selected May 19, 2014 by Alessandro
Great solution! :) Thanks for sharing. Your "outsourced memory" it's on my feed! ;)
Thanks Ronny! It seems that StrafePing graphs have to configured seperately:

report.strafeping.type=responseTime, distributedStatus
report.strafeping.command=--title="StrafePing Response Time" \
 --height 200 \
 --width 1000 \
Yes, you're right, there are graphs which overwrite the global rrd command by injecting their own --width and --height. You can just remove it, using the global setting, leave it or set it to something different.