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How can I promote a regular OpenNMS user to have admin privileges?

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I added a regular user "jeffg" to my OpenNMS instance and added the user to the Admin group, but the new user still doesn't have admin privileges. Is it possible to administer OpenNMS through the webapp without logging in as the "admin" username?
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asked Oct 15, 2013 by jeffg (760 points)

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Edit the file magic-users.properties and add the user's name to the comma-separated list defined by the value of the role.admin.users property. Like this:


The log out all of jeffg's sessions and log back in. That user will now have admin privileges.

answered Oct 15, 2013 by jeffg (760 points)
selected Oct 15, 2013 by jeffg
Update: In releases since Horizon 19.0.0 and Meridian 2017 (not yet released as I write this), the magic-users.properties file is gone and you can add roles to users directly from the web UI.