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Are there any RRD configuration templates available?

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I don't want to use the default 5 minute polling. To poll more frequent it's neccessary to customize the rrd storage behaviour. The default is dimensioned for 5 minute polling intervall.

This one:

        <rrd step="300">

It would be nice, if someone could provide some useful templates. eg. a rrd config for polling every 1 minute, 20 sec. etc.
Thanks for help.
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asked Feb 24, 2014 by mfuhrmann (7,350 points)

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Hi Marcel,

the default configuration has the following meaning:
rrd step = 300 defines the step size of each collection in seconds which means 5 Minutes

RRA: 1:2016 means we have 300s * 1 * 2016 steps for 5 min (1*300) which calculate up to 7 days with a 5 min resolution
RRA: 12:1488 means 300s * 12 * 1488 which calculates up to 62 d with a 1 h (12*300s) resolution
RRA: 288:366 means 300s * 288 * 366 which calculates up to 366 d with a 1 d (288*300s) resolution

Basically if you want to change the polling interval from 5 min to 1 min you have to change the rrd step = 60 first. If you just change the step size and you don't change the RRA archives it becomes then the following meaning with rrd step = 60

RRA 1:2016 means then 60s * 1 * 2016  =  1,4 d with 1 min resolution
RRA 12:1488 means 60s * 12 * 1488 = 12,4 d with 12 min resolution
RRA 288:366 means 60s * 288 * 366 = 73,2 d with 4,8 h resolution

So as you can see it make sense to configure the RRA to something more meaningfull. There is no real template, it's just calculating it up to your needs. What history do you want for different resolutions? The ugly part, it is not easy changing step size afterwards. If you extend the step size than you have to introduce some fictive measurements without changing the meaning. I remember Tobi Oetiker wrote a tool which does exactly this and can convert the step size for RRDTool data, but it's nothing you will do for thousands of RRDs and OpenNMS does thousands of RRDs just by default :D

If you start investigating this, you'll probably loose your already collected RRD data, so if you are not already on RRDtool, To leverage from tooling and tutorials around RRD data, I would also recommend to use RRDTool instead of JRobin.

In hope it helps
answered Feb 24, 2014 by indigo (11,140 points)
selected Feb 24, 2014 by mfuhrmann
Thanks Ronny!
I don't need the old rrd data. So I can change this configs without any sorrows.
2016, 1488 and 366 * 5, so I will have the same timespan like the default config. But more detailed. Theoretical the amount of rrd archives should be five times bigger.
Yes, exactly. I don't know if it's exactly five times bigger but it shouldn't be more ;)