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Can not install IPLIKE during apt-get installation.

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I'm trying to install OpenNMS on the debian 9.2.

I just followed as the installation guide.


Just one different thing is, install the apt-transport-https package before the installation.

Anyway, I typed

apt-get install -y opennms

I succeed configuring opennms-db, oracle-java8-installer But,

Setting up iplike-pgsql96 (2.0.6-1) ...
update-alternatives: using /usr/sbin/install_iplike-96.sh to provide /usr/sbin/install_iplike.sh (install_iplike.sh) in auto mode
update-alternatives: using /usr/lib/postgresql/9.6/lib/iplike.so to provide /usr/share/java/opennms/iplike.so (iplike.so) in auto mode

IPLIKE installation failed

Failed to install iplike into the template1 or opennms databases. See /tmp/install_iplike.log for details. To skip this step  and install manually, set the environment variable  SKIP_IPLIKE_INSTALL before installing this package. To install iplike into  your database, use the /usr/sbin/install_iplike.sh script.  See `install_iplike.sh -h` for more details.

And the install_iplike.log said,

psql: FATAL:  database "opennms" does not exist

So, I created user and database "opennms" manually and tried install_iplike.sh

root@:/usr/sbin# install_iplike.sh -u opennms
Password for user opennms:
ERROR:  permission denied for language c

What can I do to pass the IPLIKE install stage?
Please advice for me.

OpenNMS version
Operating system
Linux Debian 9.2
PostgreSQL version
asked Dec 4, 2017 by eqmaker (150 points)

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