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Dashboard and topology not showing properly

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I am trying out opennms and following the online training classes. In the SNMP module when trying out the topology I notice that the page is not loading as it should. I also noticed that the dashboard section is not loading OK. I have checked enlinkd and it is running. I have also purged the database and restarted but the dashboard and topology sections do not load the way they should. Seems the css stylesheet does not work or I don't know. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks for an excellent training course by the way.
OpenNMS version
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PostgreSQL version
asked Nov 15, 2017 by zuna (150 points)

1 Answer

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It seems like you ran in a known bug introduced in 21.0.0. Please have a look here the procedure is to clear the data cache directory in opennms before you start it up. You find detailed instructions on the wiki page in section "Karaf Cache Issues" (see link below). It will be fixed in 21.0.1 which will be released on 16th November 2017.


answered Nov 15, 2017 by indigo (11,680 points)