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UPDATED: Trying to collect SNMP data from Adtran server

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We are successfully collecting SNMP data from a variety of devices and using thresholds to trigger alarms. Great! Now I am trying to add two virtual servers that are vWLAN appliances which manage Bluesocket APs in our schools. The SNMP service is enabled on them and they respond when I use the snmpwalk tool to poll them. When I look at a packet trace in wireshark I can see the devices exchanging 'getBulkRequest' and 'get-response' packets backwards and forwards (I used the 'rescan' option on the GUI). When I look at the node in the GUI I see a section for "SNMP Attributes" which includes the Description that is coming from the SNMP settings on the appliance (I can change it and OpenNMS updates). But it does not show the SNMP service in the service list (it shows ICMP, DNS and HTTPS) and is not collecting any metrics. There are no folders in the rrd\snmp folder for these node IDs and if I search the likely looking log files I can't find anything for the IP address or node ID.

I added and complied the manufacturer's MIBs as per the online instructions but that doesn't seem to have made any difference.

If I could find an error message I could start trying to debug this thing but I'm just at a complete loss. Any suggestions where to look next would be gratefully received.

======================= UPDATED =====================

OK, so the original problem was my fault. The provisioning requisition this it was in was not set to scan SNMP - doh. I fixed that but now I get another error.

The Node with Id: 88; ForeignSource: BlueSocket-Controllers; ForeignId:1505495340989 has aborted for the following reason: Aborting node scan : Agent failed while scanning the IP address tables : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: cannot convert to an InetAddress

"" is its address and it looks valid to me. I found a couple of places online where people saw similar errors when things like "1" was showing up but they were always fixed by a restart of OpenNMS. I've tried that and this error is persistent. I actually have two of there BlueSocket appliances and they both give the same error. 

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