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How to configure AMQP Event Forwarder?

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Hi please help understand how amqp event forwarder actually works as the documentation is not that clear, do we need to install rabbitMQ as amqp configuration ask us to give these details connectionUrl(Here do we need to give rabbitMQ details),destination(This is a bit confusing what needs to be given),processorName(This property is very clear, we can use default or write our own and configure).

PS:Im new to OpenNMS and my understanding about amqp is it forwards the events to rabbitMQ on my end i need to write a code to listen to rabbitMQ please correct me if im wrong.

OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
CentOS 6.8
PostgreSQL version
asked Sep 12 by Abhishek.BA (150 points)

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