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OpenNMS stop hangs on "OpenNMS.JettyServer : stop_pending" [closed]

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After I issue the following command the process seems to hang.  The stop on most of my other instances stop in less than a minute.  This one goes for over 5 minutes and it still waits.  The only way I can get it to stop is to shutdown the server.

"opennms stop"

The server shutdown takes over 3 minutes to stop the openness process.  The server and OpenNMS start OK (at least so far).  The only change was to the SNMP configuration to get data collections to work.

Any Ideas?
OpenNMS version
closed with the note: I am closing this question because I dealt with the issue by blowing the server away and starting from scratch.  I will be more specific with my questions and include more details in the future.
asked Jul 27, 2017 by ebfisher3 (210 points)
closed Aug 9, 2017 by ebfisher3

1 Answer

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Can you please tell us which version of OpenNMS you try to run? What is the operating system with version and what Java Development Kit do you use? Can you please check the logs in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/logs if you have any exceptions in the manager.log, jetty.log, web.log or output.log? Please use paste.opennms.eu or gist.github.com when you want to post longer log snippets and post the link here.
answered Jul 31, 2017 by indigo (11,680 points)