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snap collections not working on 2 of 4 nodes

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We are using OpenNMS (10.0.2-1) on an Ubuntu virtual to monitor 4 remote servers.  2 of the 4 (in data center 1) are providing performance statistics.  The other two (in data center 2) are not.  We are getting notices and events for all 4 remote servers.   This supports the confirmation that the OpenNMS server is communicating with all 4 or the servers.

We have reviewed all the config files we can find and can confirm that the ip addresses for all 4 servers are present.  We are unable to find a config file that did not have all 4 ip addresses present.

We have stopped and started OpenNMS several times and have restarted the server as well.

We are looking for idea of what to investigate / confirm to resolve this issue.
OpenNMS version
Java version
1.8.0_45 Oracle Corporation
Operating system
PostgreSQL version
asked Jun 19 by ebfisher3 (210 points)

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