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I want to monitor a SIP phone using OpenNMS and i'm new to this so sorry if the answer is easy...

I've added the snom-events.xml and enabeled SNMP on the endpoint. I can query the device using SNMP-GET but get an error with OpenNMS.

Can anyone help with what im doing wrong. The OID are listed here: http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:SNMP

SNMP outage identified on interface with reason code: SNMP poll failed, addr= oid=.

OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
RHEL Centos 7
PostgreSQL version
asked Jun 2, 2017 by vertigokitesurf (200 points) 1 flag

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The snom-events.xml is not related to polling the SNOM phone testing if the SNMP Agent on the phone is available. Can you make a 

snmpget -v 1 -c <your-community-here>

from your OpenNMS servers CLI? Do you have configured the SNMP v1 community in the OpenNMS Admin section in "Configure SNMP Community Names by IP Address"?

answered Jun 2, 2017 by indigo (11,480 points)