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Where can I find a list of all ueis? (Event types)?

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I am trying to link OpenNMS with another ticketing application.  I was hoping to find a table holding a list of all the event types in the OpenNMS db but I can't seem to find this.  Is there a place that lists all the eventueis?


OpenNMS version
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Windows 2008 R2
PostgreSQL version
asked Apr 21 by kelleym (150 points)

1 Answer

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The UEI (Unique Event Identifier) is just a string to classify events. They are used by OpenNMS themselves to generate events like a nodeLostService or nodeDown and are defined in the $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/events directory. This directory is basically the event definition dictionary. All events known by a running instance of OpenNMS get included in the eventconf.xml. So you can also add your own events and include them as well. This happens for example when you compile a new SNMP MIB from a vendor to be able to receive SNMP Traps. They get compiled from ASN.1 notation in  the OpenNMS XML format and need to be included in the eventconf.xml. I don't know for what reason you need the full list of UEI's but hope you get the information you need to proceed :)
answered Apr 26 by indigo (11,140 points)