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Multiple event notifications for same event.

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When I trigger an event testing the notifications, I receive sometimes two and three notifications at a time regarding the event I triggered.  The only thing that changes of the multiple notifications are ID and Event ID fields.  I have written a rule in the notifd-configuration.xml to auto-resolve an event but when the screen is refreshed, only the most new event ID is auto-acknowledged.  I have looked at binding the same notification but this is a Fortigate vendor supplied trap and no syntax I have tried to adjust the UEI in the notifications.xml file will work.  Any ideas?  

Here is the notifd config that I put in and the notifications.xml listing for the notification in question.


<auto-acknowledge resolution-prefix="RESOLVED:        "uei="uei.opennms.org/vendor/fortinet/traps/fortigate/fgTrapVpnTunUp"   acknowledge="uei.opennms.org/vendor/fortinet/traps/fortigate/fgTrapVpnTunDown"> 




<notification name="VPN Tunnel Down" status="on" writeable="yes">


      <rule>(IPADDR IPLIKE *.*.*.*)</rule>


<text-message>A VPN Tunnel has been marked down between %parm[#1]% and    %parm[#5]%.  Please advise</text-message>

      <subject>Notice #%noticeid%</subject>



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asked Mar 15 by Jet550 (190 points)

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