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Avid Service Monitoring (Old OpenNMS implementation) documentation

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I really hope to find someone else who also running this Avid product that don't mindto share their experience about it!

We have an ASM (Avid Service Monitoring) server in our system. The server seems to be the final version rolled out by Avid, version 1.2.1 based on OpenNMS 1.8.10. We are in need of developing an add-in module for administration, and hence I contact you wanting to ask about a few things if possible:

- Since the installation is not only based on Windows SNMP Agent but also Avid SNMP Agent given with ASM, we would like to know how does the Avid Agent contact with the server? Especially what does the SNMP message contain info about Avid services, how does it communicate with OpenNMS and which table/field that it write to in PostgreSQL? It would be the best if you can provide a complete SNMP message example that contain Avid information.
- If possible, can we get the database schemas and other software design about this project, as much as possible, since ASM seems like a dead end? All we can find is basic user guides and it didnt contain what we are seeking. Even OpenNMS 1.8.10 is way too obsolete now that they released version 19 (!) currently.
- If none of above is feasible, please give us as much information about this project as possible, really any bits would help us.

Thank you very much!
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asked Feb 9, 2017 by tuandta2 (190 points)

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It was interesting to read this, since I was one of the people who went to Avid when they were creating ASM. The good news is that they never licensed the code which means they should have been using a very "vanilla" OpenNMS, and you should be able to migrate their configuration to a later version of OpenNMS.

All of the configuration files should be in the OpenNMS "etc" directory, usually /opt/openms/etc or /etc/opennms. Without a thorough analysis of the files I can't tell you exactly how the integration worked, as I know we talked about a number of options include using SNMP as well as the HTTP collector.

If you want to contact me directly and are willing to act as a test bed (I don't own any Avid gear) we might be able to recreate the functionality and add it to the mainline OpenNMS.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by Tarus Balog (530 points)
selected Feb 21, 2017 by tuandta2
Hello! May I ask how can I contact you directly please? Thank you!
tarus at opennms dot org