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HTTP Collector changing HTTP get request to a query

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I'm working on a project for the local Boy Scout council in Minnesota to set up a monitoring solution for camp properties.  The plan is to install Raspberry Pis with OWFS and 1wire sensors in each building that needs to be monitored for temperature and water detection and so on.  In the camp kitchens, additional sensors will be installed in the walk in freezers, refrigerators and maybe the automatic dishwasher to ensure proper washing temperature.  The hope is OpeNMS will provide the logging, reporting and alerting of the sensors to the camp staff.  A small side interest is use an old tablet computer, mount it to the wall in the kitchen, displaying a dashboard of the past week's kitchen freezer and refrigerator sensor data for the health inspector to review-eliminating the need to manually record, which often is missed.

I have a working Raspberry Pi and OWFS setup in my home as a test and I'm attempting to setup OpenNMS(18.0.3) to collect the OWFS stats.  I've written a collector package called HTTP1wire, and a HTTP collector, both files are attached.  I then set up a requisition and added the OWFS node.  The issue I'm having is it appears the OpenNMS HTTP collector is changing my URI HTTP get request to a query, by appending the URI string with a question mark.  Any idea why this is occurring, and can you suggest how I might go about changing the behaviour?

collectd log

2017-01-23 17:05:53,118 DEBUG [Collectd-Thread-26-of-50] o.a.h.wire: http-outgoing-11 >> "GET /bus.0/28.22619B080000/fasttemp? HTTP/1.1[\r][\n]"

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OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
Ubuntu 16.04
PostgreSQL version
asked Feb 1, 2017 by mnarusiewicz (210 points)
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