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One second outages a couple times a day on different services. [closed]

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I apologize if this information is vague, as I am fairly new to the openNMS world.  But my problem is this.  I have a few very small networks that I am monitoring through OpenNMS that is installed in a data center.  These networks are linked by way of VPN tunnels.  A couple times each day, a specific service on one node or another will go out for only a second and be resolved in that same second.  I have checked the error logs and have nothing.  Just wondering it this may be an issue within OpenNMS that something isn't happy, or if I need to be exploring other options.
OpenNMS version
Java version
Operating system
Linux 4.4.0-47-generic
PostgreSQL version
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asked Jan 9 by Jet550 (240 points)
closed Apr 5 by Jet550

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This is the Q/A board. Please ask a specific question here or ask for support on chat.opennms.org or the mailinglist https://wiki.opennms.org/wiki/Mailing_lists.
answered Jan 9 by mfuhrmann (7,350 points)