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How to configure snmp after installing?

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Do i have to configure my snmp.conf file and configure opennms to use the file? if so then how but if not please tell me what to do cause i can seem to receives traps or snmp info via opennms and i have download a mib file and added into opennms, compiled, generate data collection, added it to snmp collection group and then add my nodes via manage provisioning requisitions but i still can get snmp report from the nodes. please any help
OpenNMS version
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Operating system
ubuntu 14.04LTS
PostgreSQL version
asked Nov 23, 2016 by clintonez (250 points)
edited Jan 9, 2017 by mfuhrmann

2 Answers

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The snmp.conf file is populated through the GUI, but if you are using v3 I have found that this must be added manually to the file.
answered Nov 29, 2016 by gecko101 (210 points)
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