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How to monitor two web services?

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I am looking at several servers running more than one web application - is there a way to monitor those apps independently?  Right now, OpenNMS detects the web server (Apache) running, as port 80 is available, and web apps that are not installed on that server give a 404 error - that causes OpenNMS to report that the application is not functional (which it isn't since it isn't on that server).  I've gone to the affected servers and changed those services to Force Unmanaged - this removes any warning or notification that it is failing - is there a way that I could monitor these servers without having to do that?  One of the systems that is causing me grief is WebLogic - this runs on port 80, the same as Apache.


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asked Oct 13, 2016 by bwgreen (290 points)
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first of all I would create for every web application a node which is used to access the website and is used as virtual hosts, e.g. www.google.com. Create a Page Sequence Monitor or HTTP monitor, e.g. "Web-Landing-Page" and use the nodelabel as "virtual host" parameter. Just assign this service to the node.


- You don't have useful web site response times when you multiple web applications on one server when they are provided under the same IP address.
answered Feb 1, 2017 by indigo (11,680 points)