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Problems with View Node Link Detailed Info.

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I set linkd to display information in View Node Link Detailed Info, and remains empty in principle everything is configured as it should, I do not understand is what happens. 
- I uncommented configuration file linkd service, by default it is commented. 
- I've added the oid's that I want to monitor in the file $ OPENNMS_HOME / etc / linkd-configuration.xml 
- The snmp working properly because when I add a new node information assets as syslocation, sysname, etc. recovers. 
-The snmpwalk command works with IP and comunity string. 
-The snmp-config.xml file is configured to use the correct string for the comunity ip that I monitor. 
- The table of the database where information should be stored linkd is empty. 
I appreciate any help. 
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asked Jan 24, 2014 by Martí Ivà (510 points)

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here my hints:

  • opennms restart  once uncommented the Linkd service
  • check the initial delay on the linkd-configuration and do not stop opennms till that delay is reached (otherwise you will always restart from the beginning)
  • put linkd on debug mode and check. /etc/opennms/log4j.properties (search for Linkd and put it from WARN to DEBUG and restart of course)

I agree with you that the behavoir is not so "immediate" as you might expect. 

answered Jan 28, 2014 by Alessandro (1,120 points)
selected Dec 1, 2014 by indigo